Enjoy 2019’s Best of “Next Round” and “Right by the Bay”

The last week of December is naturally a time to look back on the year that was.  Here at PRI, we are particularly proud of the growing popularity of our weekly “Next Round with PRI” podcast and our daily “Right by the Bay” blog.  Thanks to you, our podcast had record listenership this year, and more people than ever before are reading “Right by the Bay” each day.

As we prepare to enjoy one of the many great suggestions for cocktails suggested by our “Next Round” guests this year (click here for our recent blog with some of their suggestions), here is a “Whitman’s Sampler” of the most popular podcasts and blog posts of 2019.

Top 5 “Next Round” Podcasts of 2019

  1. “Next Round’s 100th Episode with Special Guest House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy”
    On the 100th episode of Next Round with PRI, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy is our special guest.  We discuss the first 6 months of the Democratic majority in the House, and a host of issues of concern to Californians including big tech and privacy, high-speed rail, health care, and water.
  2. Scott Rasmussen: Insights from America’s Top Pollster
    Legendary pollster Scott Rasmussen of ScottRasmussen.com joins us to share his insights on all things polling – from how technological changes affect the polling industry today, to the state of the Presidential race and where Americans really stand on socialism and single-payer.
  3. Wayne Winegarden: Overregulation Hurts Immigrant and Low-Income Entrepreneurs
    Wayne Winegarden joins us to discuss the latest study in his Building Barriers to Opportunity series. We discuss how overregulation and misguided government policies make it harder for immigrant and low-income entrepreneurs to start a business, work their way up the economic ladder, and achieve the American Dream. Wayne makes the case that adopting policies that embrace entrepreneurship is perhaps the most important thing we can do to reduce poverty.
  4. Lance Izumi: Will So-Called Compromise Cripple Future Charter School Expansion in California?
    Lance Izumi joins us to discuss perhaps the most controversial education legislation in recent memory – a so-called compromise that would impose significant new requirements and restrictions on charter schools in California. Lance analyzes the key provisions of the legislation and the motivation behind it and shares his thoughts on how it will impact future educational choice for every California student.
  5. All Things Tech with Bartlett Cleland
    Bartlett Cleland, PRI’s Senior Fellow in Tech and Innovation, discusses the state of tech policy including trade negotiations with China on intellectual property, privacy laws, the debate over the possible break-up of social media companies, internet taxation, and regulating the gig economy and the impact on new jobs.

Top 5 “Right by the Bay” Posts of 2019

  1. “Why are California Gas Prices So High These Days? Thank Sacramento.”
    By Tim Anaya, October 14, 2019
    “. . . Once again, angry California drivers are asking why they are paying so much more per gallon of gas than drivers in other states?  Yes, as AAA notes, some of the answer is explained by supply and demand . . . But the real reason we’re paying so much more is high taxes and expensive regulations imposed by Sacramento politicians.”
  2. “Blue State Model Continues to Drag Down California”
    By Kerry Jackson, July 15, 2019
    “About the same time two of California’s largest cities were named among the seven worst-run municipalities in the country, we learn that the state’s — and the country’s — largest county had the worst population outflow in the U.S. in 2018.  The livin’ in California ain’t easy, in the summertime or at any other.”
  3. “Why Are Teachers Mostly Liberal?”
    By Lance Izumi, April 3, 2019
    “The wave of teacher strikes across the country, with their focus on killing education reforms such as charter schools, have focused attention on the ideology of teachers.  Many Americans are now asking: ‘Why are teachers so liberal?’”
  4. Here’s Why an All Electric Vehicle Fleet Can’t Happen in California . . . or Elsewhere”
    By Kerry Jackson, June 27, 2019
    “Though no legislation has been passed yet, California officials have made it clear they want to outlaw automobiles powered by internal-combustion engines. But it’s a near certainty they won’t be able to secure an all-electric fleet within their timetable no matter how much they want it to happen.”
  5. “California’s Blackouts: How Did We Get Here and What Can We Do to Keep the Lights On (Capital Ideas)”
    By Kerry Jackson, November 7, 2019
    “. . . The Great Blackouts of 2019 plunged nearly 3 million into darkness at its peak. With memories of former Gov. Gray Davis being recalled over his inept handling of California’s 2001 power crisis fresh in their minds, Gov. Gavin Newsom and state lawmakers worked overtime to avoid meeting the same fate at the hands of an angry public.”

Tim Anaya is the Pacific Research Institute’s communications director.

Nothing contained in this blog is to be construed as necessarily reflecting the views of the Pacific Research Institute or as an attempt to thwart or aid the passage of any legislation.

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