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Dear Friends and Supporters,
This year, PRI is celebrating its 40th anniversary.  From our founding in 1979 by Sir Antony Fisher, PRI has never wavered in its mission fighting for free markets, individual liberty, and opportunity for all.

This special edition of Impact looks back at four decades of PRI’s “ideas in action.”  We relive some of the highlights (Page 10) of PRI’s 40 years of work on health care, education, business and the economy, the environment, and California issues.  Read about how PRI evolved from a book publisher providing a voice for free-market scholars who were often overshadowed in the late 1970s to one of America’s leading free-market think tanks – spreading our voice of liberty across California and the nation.  Be sure to check out our special timeline, which details how PRI has evolved and includes photos of some of our favorite moments from the past 40 years.

One hallmark of PRI’s work is that we have never been content to sit back and dwell on the past.  We’re always looking ahead to the future.  That’s why this issue of Impact also spotlights our current work promoting free market reforms in Washington and Sacramento.

In case you missed it, read about my recent discussion on single-payer health care (Page 4) with Mark Levin on “Life, Liberty, and Levin” on Fox News Channel, which was viewed live by more than 1 million people.

At a time when teachers’ unions and their allies are fighting charter schools, learn about Lance Izumi’s new book and mini-documentary showcasing why charter schools are so important to providing quality education opportunities for all students (Page 6).

We were proud to welcome renowned scientist and researcher Henry Miller, M.D. to PRI as a senior fellow in health care in 2018.  Read Dr. Miller’s latest work (Page 18) on the opioid crisis, a problem that affects too many Americans. 

PRI recently established a new Center for Medical Economics and Innovation, headed up by our Senior Fellow Dr. Wayne Winegarden.  Learn more (Page 15) about the Center’s work promoting policies that will make the latest innovations in treatments more accessible to many Americans.  

As we look back on four decades of impact, and look ahead to the future, PRI always stands as a beacon for freedom, opportunity, and prosperity nationally and in a state where these ideas are need the most.  I hope you’ll continue to be a part of this important mission through your continued support of our work for which we are so grateful.  

Here’s to another 40 years of PRI leading the way for liberty in the country and in the Golden State! 



Sally C. Pipes

President, CEO, and
Thomas W. Smith Fellow
in Health Care Policy

Nothing contained in this blog is to be construed as necessarily reflecting the views of the Pacific Research Institute or as an attempt to thwart or aid the passage of any legislation.

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