PRI’s 2020 Free-Market Election Analysis


For hard-working Californians who are busy with their everyday lives, it can be hard to sort through the various measures we’ll be voting on this November.  To help you get educated on the issues, below are links to PRI’s free-market analysis on the November ballot.  We hope you will find this one-stop resource helpful as you learn about the key measures.

One thing we don’t have to worry about is whether your ballot will be delivered by the post office to the elections office on time.  As John Barger, a member of the U.S. Postal Service board of governors, recently told PRI’s “Next Round” podcast, “the United States Postal Service has been dedicated to supporting elections in this country time immemorial and the postal service has performed admirably over the years.  This year will be no exception, despite Covid.”

Presidential Campaign 

Trump’s Drug Pricing Order is a Costly Mistake

By Sally C. Pipes

Fans of Medicare for All Have an Ally in Biden

By Sally C. Pipes

Supreme Court and Obamacare:  Here’s What to Expect if Law is Not Upheld

By Sally C. Pipes

Biden’s Tax Plan:  Where It Hurts Californians The Most

By Rowena Itchon

Biden’s Climate Change Agenda is Inspired by AOC, California

By Rowena Itchon 

Wayne Winegarden Quoted in Washington Examiner on President Trump’s trade policies

Trump’s Erratic Foreign Policy Continues in 2020

By Evan Harris

Proposition 15 – Split Roll Property Tax 

Ted Gaines – On Property Taxes and the Fight over Proposition 15

PRI’s Next Round Podcast

Split Roll Would Hit Working Californians Hard

By Kerry Jackson

Split Roll Forces Challenge Prop. 13:  How Will Californians React?

By Kerry Jackson 

Proposition 16 – Affirmative Action

Prop 16 – No Truth in Advertising

By Rowena Itchon

The Important Legacy of Proposition 209

By Lance Izumi

Proposition 16 Backers Are Spending Big to Reinstitutionalize Racial Discrimination

By Lawrence Siskind

Watch PRI’s Rowena Itchon in KPIX story on Debate over Affirmative Action

Proposition 17 – Felons Right to Vote 

Should Dangerous Felons on Parole Have the Right to Vote?

By Tim Anaya

Proposition 18 – Lowering Voting Age in Primary/Special Elections to 17

California Plays Voting Age Limbo with Prop. 18

By Evan Harris

Proposition 19 – Property Tax Change for Inheriting Homes, Farms

Prop. 19 Could Be a Huge Tax Increase for Middle Class Californians Inheriting Homes

By Tim Anaya

Proposition 20 – Fix to Props. 47 and 57 

Will Voters Fix Unintended Consequences in State’s Soft-on-Crime Shift?

By Tim Anaya 

Proposition 21 – Rent Control

The Facts About Prop. 21, The Rent Control Initiative

By Kerry Jackson

Proposition 22 – App-Based Independent Contractors

Gig Economy Firms Fight California Overreach with $110 Million Initiative

By Kerry Jackson 

Proposition 23 – Dialysis Clinics

Prop. 23 – Do We Really Need a Doctor in the House?

By Rowena Itchon

Proposition 24 – Consumer Privacy

Prop 24: A Choice Between Expensive Ineffectiveness or a Prosperous Future

By Bartlett Cleland

Proposition 25 – Referendum on Cash Bail

Prop. 25 – Will Voters Decide to End Cash Bail in California?

By Tim Anaya

Tim Anaya is the Pacific Research Institute’s senior director of communications and the Sacramento office.



Nothing contained in this blog is to be construed as necessarily reflecting the views of the Pacific Research Institute or as an attempt to thwart or aid the passage of any legislation.

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