Red Pill, Blue Pill, Better Not, Get Ill

Does he really think it’s that simple? Red pill versus blue pill? What does he think this is, Keanu Reeves trying to figure out what the Matrix is all about? Does he have the slightest idea how complex the U.S. Pharmacopeia is? The answer is clearly “no.”

He also recycles the discredited notion that uninsured people crowding emergency rooms is a primary cause of the “hidden tax” or “cost shift” that artificially increases premiums for private health insurance. In fact, underpayments by government programs (Medicare and Medicaid) are a far greater source of this hidden tax; and his February bailout of Medicaid will make this significantly worse.

But at least he got a few easy hits on the health insurers and drug companies. I suppose that means that they’ll be scurrying back to the table first thing in the morning, ready to cut a few more pounds of flesh out of themselves.

This blog post originally appeared in National Review.

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