Sally Pipes in HealthCare Dive, “How might Xavier Becerra operate as HHS Secretary?”

The nominee has made headlines since leaving the House, in part by leading blue state efforts to defend the ACA, now under threat in a case before the Supreme Court.

California consumer rights groups have high hopes for Xavier Becerra, President Joseph Biden’s nominee to lead HHS, while some lawyers suggest he might further aggressive antitrust efforts he took in the state as attorney general.

Becerra has made headlines since leaving the House of Representatives, in part by leading the efforts of blue states to defend the Affordable Care Act, now under threat in a case brought by Republicans and backed by the Trump administration at the Supreme Court. Less high-profile, perhaps, were his efforts to block major hospital mergers in California. . .

. . .

Sally Pipes, CEO of the Pacific Research Institute in Pasadena, argued Becerra will implement what she calls “Bidencare,” a stepping stone toward single-payer healthcare that began with the ACA. Pipes indicated that is based on Becerra’s years in Congress, when he was a vocal advocate of Medicare for All. . .

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