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Sally Pipes Quoted Refuting ‘Medicare for all,” Coronavirus

Title: Sanders & AOC Use CoronaVirus to Push Argument for ‘Medicare-for-All’
By: Jim Cardle

Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders – who is off the campaign trail due to the CoronaVirus threat – was asked if he felt frustrated that his fellow Democrat and presidential nominee competitor Joe Biden had attacked his “Medicare-for-All” proposal  because of its cost, yet was now saying the country must spend whatever it takes to combat the virus.

But Sanders believes the government’s slow response to date to address the CoronaVirus disease will, in fact, lead more people to embrace his call for even further government involvement via his signature plan of “Medicare-for-All.” . . .

. . .Opponents of a Medicare for All-type government takeover of the healthcare industry, however, pointed out that countries with Socialized Medicine are ill-prepared for such outbreaks — and have responded poorly when needed.

“Take Canada. Patients wait hours just to be admitted to the hospital even when there’s not an outbreak raging,” noted Sally Pipes, president & CEO of the Pacific Research Institute.

“A January 2019 report commissioned by the government of Ontario found that patients in the emergency department were waiting 16 hours, on average, for an inpatient hospital bed.”

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