Shocking! Why California Policymakers Are So Often Caught by Surprise


California is always in the national news and too often for not-so-good reasons. A couple of recent events has left much of the rest of the country wondering how this ever-swaggering state is continually caught off guard. There’s really no mystery here. The answer is obvious.

When it was announced earlier this month by Gov. Gavin Newsom that California is facing a budget deficit, many wondered: Why didn’t policymakers see that coming? How could they have been caught by surprise?

The same can be said for the recent heavy rains that followed years when it seemed like it might never rain again over large parts of the state. What should have been a blessed event that ended the drought and allowed the state to store water for the future was in actuality a wasted opportunity. After winter storms dumped rivers of rain, much of the water ended up everywhere except in places where it could be useful, the Wall Street Journal editorial board wondered why California’s political leaders don’t “prepare for droughts or deluges?”

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