States Are Wasting Money by Slow-Rolling Medicaid Reviews

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It’s the height of waste to continue providing expensive government benefits to people who, by law, aren’t eligible. State leaders should move quickly to audit their Medicaid programs to ensure taxpayers don’t have to underwrite such waste.

During the COVID-19 public health emergency, Congress forbade states from disenrolling people from Medicaid. The idea was to prevent people from losing coverage during the pandemic.

But the emergency is over. On April 1, state Medicaid programs regained the ability to drop people no longer eligible.

Some states have moved to re-evaluate Medicaid enrollees’ eligibility. But other states are deliberately dragging their feet at the behest of the Biden administration — thus costing taxpayers billions of dollars. These delays in the “redetermination” process are deeply irresponsible. People who are eligible by law for Medicaid should continue in the program — and those who are ineligible should not.

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