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Today, we’re launching a new weekly feature on Right by the Bay called “What We’re Watching”. Think of it as our click bait for short video clips that you should be watching.

Every day, when we gather around the water cooler or check our e-mails, we’re bombarded with suggestions for clips to watch on YouTube or our Facebook pages. If you’re like me, you usually never bother to click on most of them, but you’re probably missing out on some good videos.

We hope to reverse that trend with “What We’re Watching”. Every week, we aim to give you recommendations for 1 or 2 videos each week that we’re watching

Some will make your laugh. Others will may you think. The best will do both. All will hopefully have a good, free-market message (some more subliminal than others).

Here’s our first list of “What We’re Watching” . . .

Kerry Jackson – Greg Gutfeld on California Being “The Worst State in the Nation”

Regardless of what you think of his politics, Greg Gutfeld always makes us laugh. Kerry Jackson suggests this recent video, where Gutfeld talks about something that should hit home for all of us who call California home – our recent ranking as the worst state in the nation. Watch his hilarious breakdown of California’s ills from a recent episode of “The Five” devolve into a trip down Golden State memory lane with former California residents Kimberly Guilfoyle and Dana Perino.

Tim Anaya – Alex Epstein Asks, “Can We Rely on Wind and Solar Energy?”

Scrolling through Twitter the other day, I saw a tweet from our friends at Prager U that caught my eye . . . “Without fossil fuels, ‘green’ energy isn’t an option.” Some in California want to end our use of fossil fuels altogether and are pushing costly (and likely unrealistic) renewable energy goals. In just 4 short minutes, Alex Epstein explains how we cannot completely end our use of fossil fuels even as we move to a more renewable energy future.

Rowena Itchon – Do Taxpayers Get a Good Deal at ‘Government Cars ‘R Us?’

Watching Alex’s video reminded Rowena Itchon of PRI’s recent work on electric car subsidies. Watch this video that PRI produced recently exploring whether California taxpayers get a good deal with state lawmakers play car salesman (yes, we had to have at least one PRI video in the batch!)

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