What We’re Watching – October 11

Tim Anaya – Freedom of Speech Apparently Ends When You Enter an NBA Arena
This week’s controversy over the NBA and China apparently extended to home. Adding insult to injury, as this video produced by the Daily Caller shows, NBA security officials confiscated signs held up by supporters of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation at a Washington Wizards game. And what was the protestors’ offense? Calling for freedom for the people of Hong Kong.

Evan Harris – PG&E Shuts Down Power to Millions in California
PG&E’s ongoing wildfire prevention strategy, cutting power to millions in California, is under heavy criticism from residents and public officials.

Kerry Jackson – “A beacon of sanity in a world of politically correct lunacy”
Douglas Murray makes the case that “social media has been deranging us.” As one of the comments to this video says, he is a “a beacon of sanity in a world of politically correct lunacy.”

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