What We’re Watching – October 5

Rowena Itchon – Wine Harvests One Year After Devastating Fires

It was a year ago when northern California wine growers suffered from devastating wildfires.  But by all accounts, as harvest season nears its end, wine growers are expecting 2018 to be an excellent year.  Here’s a video of a families taking part in the harvest — a wine country tradition.

Kerry Jackson – How Occupational Licensing Laws Hurt Everyday People

It doesn’t take a deep look at licensing laws to discover how counterproductive they are.

Tim Anaya – Vice

With fall upon us, the Christmas movie season is just around the corner.  I’ve been looking forward to seeing the upcoming movie Vice about the life of Dick Cheney.  This week, the first trailer was released and it looks like a great film.  Christian Bale plays Dick Cheney, and the transformation is amazing.  The creative team behind the film is the same team that brought us the Academy Award-winning film The Big Short a few years back.

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