Who Has the Best Health Care Plan – Hillary or Donald?


SACRAMENTO – As America prepares to choose a new president, the Pacific Research Institute today offered voters a nonpartisan guide to help them decide which candidate is best on health care.

“Who is elected as our next President will have a significant impact on the future of America’s health care system,” said PRI President Sally Pipes. “Our Guide will help voters cut through the fog and learn how each candidate’s health care plan will affect them. It will help voters decide which candidate has the best plan to achieve affordable, accessible, quality health care for all.”

View the comparison chart of PRI’s “Health Care Reform Election Guide”.

A recent national survey found that health care is one of the top issues for voters in 2016.

PRI’s “Health Care Reform Election Guide” breaks down the plans offered by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, along with House Speaker Paul Ryan, in clear and easy-to-understand terms.

Voters can compare the candidates’ health care reform plans in a variety of areas, such as:

  • How tax credits or tax deductions can reduce costs to individuals and expand coverage;
  • How the candidates’ plans will impact Medicare prescription drug coverage;
  • What taxes people, businesses, and individuals will have to pay; and
  • Whether consumers can use tax-advantaged Health Savings Accounts.

The guide also compares the plans with The Way Out of Obamacare plan authored by PRI’s Sally Pipes. The Way Out of Obamacare is an actionable blueprint for health care reform, which the next President can implement on Day One. The book is available for purchase here.

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