Data Privacy and Cybersecurity 2020 Winners and Losers

December 15, 2020

PRI welcomes back an all-star panel of experts representing legal, regulatory, and policy industries to discuss state and federal changes to data privacy and cybersecurity during 2020 and what the future holds for tech, digital privacy, and cybersecurity in 2021.


Tuesday, December 15, 2020

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PRI’s expert panel will provide a recap of the changing landscape around data privacy, cybersecurity, and big tech in 2020. Shutdowns and virtual commutes have brought the privacy and security issues of companies like Zoom and social media front and center. The panel will also discuss the successful passage of California’s Prop. 24, recent regulatory rulings between the Federal Trade Commission and Zoom, and the congressional obsession with Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and big tech. Lastly, our panelists will make predictions on what the future holds for data privacy and cybersecurity in 2021.



Bartlett Cleland, Senior Fellow, Technology and Innovation, Pacific Research Institute
Dan Caprio, Co-Founder, The Providence Group (Washington, D.C.)
Jim Halpert, Partner, DLA Piper
Steve DelBianco, Executive Director, NetChoice


Bartlett Cleland, Senior Fellow, Technology and Innovation, Pacific Research Institute

Bartlett Cleland has spent his entire public policy career in the technology and innovation space working on Capitol Hill where he was intimately involved in numerous critical debates including encryption and “supercomputer” export controls, the Internet Tax Fairness Act, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the Communications Decency Act, the 1996 Telecommunications Act and others, including efforts to increase information for citizens about Congressional activities and efforts.

In addition to his work as senior fellow in tech and innovation at the Pacific Research Institute, Bartlett is executive director of the new Innovation Economy Alliance and Institute and is a research fellow with the Institute for Policy Innovation in Texas.  Bartlett also serves as a member of the US Stakeholder Council and is a U.S. Delegate to ISO for development of 279/56000 on innovation management.


Dan Caprio, Co-Founder, The Providence Group (Washington, D.C.)

Dan Caprio is an internationally recognized expert on privacy and cybersecurity. He has served as the Chief Privacy Officer and Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Commerce Department, a transatlantic subject matter expert for the European Commission’s Internet of Things formal expert group, a Chief of Staff for a Federal Trade Commission Commissioner and a member of the Department of Homeland Security Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee.

In 2002, Dan was a representative for the United States delegation revising the OECD Security Guidelines that formed the basis for the first White House Strategy to Secure Cyberspace.



Jim Halpert, Partner, DLA Piper

Jim Halpert advises clients regarding compliance and risk management strategies for transactions relating to transnational, federal and state security and privacy regulations, industry best practices and self-regulatory initiatives, and has represented clients in major security and privacy cases in the federal courts and before the Federal Trade Commission.

Jim represents companies on a broad range of data management issues, including cyber and data security, cloud agreements, managing privacy class action risks, trans-national data flows, navigating difficult conflicts between foreign privacy laws and US compliance obligations, and more.  He has extensive experience with European, Asian and Latin American privacy regimes, and regularly leads teams across DLA Piper’s global network advising on complex international security and privacy matters.


Steve DelBianco, Executive Director, NetChoice

Steve DelBianco serves as the Executive Director of NetChoice, a coalition of online and e-commerce businesses, including AOL, eBay, Expedia, Facebook, Google, Verisign, and Yahoo. He is the current Policy Chair of ICANN’s Commercial and Business Users Constituency.

Steve has become a well-known expert on Internet governance, online consumer protection, and Internet taxation and provided expert testimony in twenty Congressional hearings and many more state legislative sessions.

Steve was an investor and Board Member of, an online real estate broker featured in a segment on 60 Minutes. Steve holds a degree in Engineering and another in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. He received his MBA from the Wharton School.

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