Energy, Environment, and The North Face: PRI Webinar with Liberty Energy’s Chris Wright

December 1, 2021
Sacramento, CA, USA

Join PRI on Wednesday, Dec. 1 at 11 AM PST for a webinar conversation with Chris Wright, CEO of Liberty Energy and PRI board member.


Wednesday, December 1 via Zoom
11 AM PST / 2 PM EST

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Wright is well-known for his work in the oil and energy sector and for his “viral” video calling out The North Face’s critical policies on oil and gas while neglecting to mention that a majority of their products are made from fossil fuels.

Longtime PRI senior fellow Steven Hayward will moderate a conversation with Wright about energy and the environment, and the critical role that oil and gas play in the modern world. They will also discuss why California and Colorado’s anti-oil and gas laws hurt both their citizens and the environment.



Chris Wright serves as CEO and Chairman of Liberty Oilfield Services and has since its founding in 2011. Additionally, Chris co-founded and serves as Executive Chairman of Liberty Resources, a Bakken-focused E&P company and Liberty Midstream Solutions. He has had a lifelong passion for energy and its role in human life.


He has spoken on energy to the UK House of Lords, the States Attorneys General, Federal and State Judges, debated the merits of the shale revolution on TV and given over 100 talks.


Chris completed an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at MIT and graduate work in Electrical Engineering at both UC Berkeley and MIT. Chris founded Pinnacle Technologies and from 1992 to 2006 served as CEO and Chairman. Pinnacle created the hydraulic fracture mapping industry by developing and commercializing tiltmeter and microseismic fracture mapping. Pinnacle’s innovations in fracturing practices helped launch commercial shale gas production in the late 1990’s.


Chris was Chairman of Stroud Energy, an early shale gas producer, prior to its sale to Range Resources in 2006. Chris is currently a director of Liberty Oilfield Services, Liberty Resources, and Urban Solutions Group.


Chris has consulted and taught courses on all six inhabited continents and authored / co-authored over 60 technical papers and articles. He has received numerous industry awards and several U.S. patents. Chris also worked on fusion energy, solar energy, and geothermal energy. Chris grew up in Colorado and is a passionate skier, cyclist, climber, and outdoor enthusiast. His wife, Liz, and two children remain the center of his life and share his passion for human liberty, flourishing and energy. He serves on the board of numerous non-profits including ACE Colorado, ACE Montana, PRI, CRED, and the Western Energy Alliance.

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