Punting Poverty: How Basic Income, Welfare, and Big Government Hurt the American Dream

June 29, 2020

Please note the start time has changed to
Monday, June 29 at 12:30 PM PT

Join PRI fellow, entrepreneur, and former NFL and Stanford University football player Damon Dunn as we discuss his new book, Punting Poverty, recent proposals for universal basic income, and his journey from the trailer parks of Texas to Stanford University, the NFL, and a successful business career.


Monday, June 29, 2020
12:30pm PT

Please note the start time has changed to Monday, June 29 at 12:30pm Pacific Time


Dunn will also talk about realistic policy proposals that encourage skills-based job training to better help Americans achieve the American Dream and climb the economic ladder.
Damon Dunn is a fellow in Business and Economics at the Pacific Research Institute. In September 2019, he authored a PRI issue brief responding to the growing appeal of socialism in the United States, “My Rise from Poverty and Why Socialism Doesn’t Work.”
Dunn is a successful real estate developer, investor and businessman, former collegiate and pro football player, and was a Hoover Institution fellow from 2011-13. Dunn is a graduate of Stanford University with a B.A. in Public Policy.

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