What’s Wrong with the Universities and Can They Be Fixed?

June 14, 2019

Admissions. Diversity. Political ideology. Free Speech.

Join PRI Senior Fellow Dr. Steven Hayward and UC Berkeley law professor John Yoo for an important discussion on diversity, equality, and the attacks on free speech on college campuses. 

This luncheon, part of PRI’s 40th Anniversary Events Series, will explore these issues on campuses across the nation. Professors Yoo and Hayward will shed light on their own experiences teaching at UC Berkeley and offer solutions for restoring integrity at public and private colleges and universities.


Friday, June 14
11:30 am Registration
12:00-1:30 pm Luncheon and Discussion


The University Club of San Francisco
800 Powell Street
San Francisco 


General Admission: $60
Sir Antony Fisher Freedom Society Members: $30
(Need to join or renew your membership? Click here.)

Space is limited

Call or email Laura Dannerbeck for more information at [email protected] or (415) 250-9206.


Professor John Yoo

John Yoo is the Emanuel Heller Professor of Law at the University of California at Berkeley, a Visiting Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, and a Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. At Berkeley, Professor Yoo directs the Public Law and Policy program and the Korea Law Center.

Professor Yoo has published almost 100 scholarly articles on subjects including national security, constitutional law, international law, and the Supreme Court. He also regularly contributes to the editorial pages of The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and National Review,among others. He has also been a columnist for his hometown newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Professor Yoo graduated from Yale Law School and summa cum laude from Harvard College.


Dr. Steven F. Hayward

Steven F. Hayward is currently senior resident scholar at the Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley, a visiting lecturer at Berkeley Law and the Goldman School of Public Policy, and a senior fellow with the Pacific Research Institute. He was previously the Ronald Reagan Distinguished Visiting Professor at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Public Policy, and was the inaugural visiting scholar in conservative thought and policy at the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2013-14. From 2002 to 2012 he was the F.K Weyerhaeuser Fellow in Law and Economics at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington DC.

He writes frequently for the Wall Street JournalNew York TimesWashington PostNational Review, the Washington Examiner, the Claremont Review of Books, and other publications. The author of six books including a two-volume chronicle of Reagan and his times entitled The Age of Reagan: The Fall of the Old Liberal Order, 1964-1980, and The Age of Reagan: The Conservative Counter-Revolution, 1980-1989, and the Almanac of Environmental Trends. His most recent book is Patriotism is Not Enough: Harry Jaffa, Walter Berns, and the Arguments That Redefined American Conservatism. He writes daily on Powerlineblog.com, one of the nation’s most read political websites.

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