YLC Event: Politics, Power & Place

February 8, 2017

Pacific Research Institute is pleased to present a Young Leaders Circle event.

From soma’s south park, to trump tower, to the watergate hotel – does the place make the power, or the power make the place?

Places attract people and can influence their perspectives. What can we learn from the building the Watergate, and other historically significant places that shape politics?

The world’s expert on the Watergate Hotel, Joe Rodota, joins the Young Leaders Circle for a conversation on what we can learn from the building the Watergate and other local landmarks.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

6:30pm – Doors Open, Music & Networking

7:30pm – Speaking & Presentation

9:30pm – Evening Comes to a Close

Joseph Rodota is a writer and consultant who divides his time between Washington, DC and California. Joe has worked at the highest levels of federal, state, and local politics for more than 30 years. He served as a writer and communications manager in the Reagan White House and three federal agencies. He also served as a top campaign and government aide to California Governors Pete Wilson and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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This is a member-only event, however our Young Leaders Circle members are welcome to bring first-time guests.

For more information on membership, see: www.kbcsandbox12.com/pri/support-pri/young-leaders-circle/

Questions? Please contact
Stephanie Watson at 415-955-6143 or [email protected].

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