Young Leaders Circle Event: Exploring California’s Housing Future

September 13, 2017
Marina District, San Francisco, CA, United States

Young Leaders Circle Event:
Exploring California’s Housing Future

September 13, 2017
6:30 PM
Private Residence
Marina District, San Francisco
(Address to be provided prior to event) 

Housing in California is excessively expensive—four of the most expensive housing markets in the U.S. are found in California. San Francisco is the costliest housing market in North America, San Jose is third, Los Angeles is fifth, and San Diego ninth. California housing is expensive because of a severe shortage resulting from government policies that have disincentivized home building. Can market-based reforms help alleviate the state’s housing crunch? Join PRI’s Young Leaders Circle for a discussion on California’s housing crisis and potential solutions to the problem.


Ryan J. Patterson
Shareholder, Zacks, Freedman & Patterson
Member, PRI’s Young Leaders Circle

Sonja Trauss
Executive Director, CA Renters Legal Advocacy & Education Fund
Candidate for Supervisor in District 6, San Francisco

Josh York
Member, PRI’s Young Leaders Circle

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