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Read about Biden electric vehicle mandates

Biden Administration Takes California’s Electric Vehicle Mandate National

The Biden Administration has announced new automobile emission limits that amount to the government forcing a massive increase in U.S. electric vehicle sales.  By 2032, at least two of every three cars sold would be required to be electric vehicles. As the New York Times reports, “experts say the proposed …


Read about new plan to raise gas prices

Californians – Not Big Oil – Lose Under Newsom Excess Profits Tax

Thanks to the Governor’s actions, Californians lost good paying jobs. Facing the risk that they may have to pay an excess profits tax (whatever excess profits are), the energy industry now has even fewer reasons to invest in the state and even more reasons to relocate its current activities away …


A Most Wearisome Task

The average price of a gallon of regular unleaded in California was $4.60 on Dec. 9. The week before it was ​​$4.86, and a month earlier, it was $5.45. The current price, roughly the same as a year ago, when it was $4.68, is likely to fall even lower. Yes, …

Business & Economics

Wayne Winegarden – A To Do List for the Next Congress

Our guest this week is Wayne Winegarden, PRI senior fellow in business and economics.  The new members of Congress will take office in January in the midst of high inflation and economic uncertainty.  PRI has developed a To Do List of reforms for both Washington and Sacramento.  Wayne discusses some …


Congress Needs to Look Beyond Green Energy

Current U.S. energy policy continues to subsidize uneconomical and inefficient sources of politically preferred energy while punishing the production and generation of reliable and cheap energy sources. As taxpayers, workers, and consumers we are paying a steep price for these irrational policies. Starting with the policies that punish domestic energy …


Another Government Program Won’t Ease The Burden Of High Gas Prices

Further confirmation that California is on the wrong side of the rabbit hole came on the last day of September, when Gov. Gavin Newsom called for a new tax on oil companies in response to the high cost of gasoline. “​​Oil companies are ripping you off,” he tweeted. “Their record …


The California Climate Quandary

Actually, there’s no predicament at all. One of these concerns is truly alarming, the other not worth worrying about at all. OC voters, in fact voters over the entire state, need not be concerned with the climate. There is no crisis now nor on the horizon.   Fuel prices, however, …

Business & Economics

Wayne Winegarden – Soaring Gas Prices

We discuss with Wayne what’s on everyone’s mind – inflation, rising gas prices, a possible recession, and whose to blame. He cuts through all the finger-pointing in Washington and Sacramento and offers ways that will truly help lower prices.

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