• Obamacare's Best Defense? 'It Could Have Been Worse'
    May 04, 2015

    Healthcare costs have risen over 12 percent since the passage of Obamacare in 2010. So the White House is trotting out a new defense of the law — “it could have been...


  • Don't Import Canada's Ideas on Health Care

    Real Clear Politics
    April 28, 2015

    Move aside, maple syrup. Canada has a hot new export -- single-payer health care. The New York State Assembly may soon consider legislation that would switch the Empire State to...


  • Shreds of Doubt About Obamacare

    The Washington Times
    April 22, 2015

    Last week's tax-filing deadline was a little bit more complicated than in the past, thanks to Obamacare.Americans had to prove to the Internal Revenue Service that they had health...


  • Hysteria's History Part III

    April 20, 2015

    NEW from the Video Series on the Environment Episode 3: Hysteria’s History: Why Hasn’t the Chihuahua Gone Extinct?"Hysteria’s History: Why Hasn’t the Chihuahua...