SF Technological Event

December 12, 2016

Pacific Research Institute is pleased to sponsor the Lincoln Network’s

Reception and Panel Discussion
The Potential of Artificial Intelligence and Universal Basic Income

The man vs. machine argument is far from novel, but some contend that this moment in history is unique. Some technologists believe that advances in artificial intelligence may make an unemployment crisis inevitable within the next twenty years. Is universal basic income the answer? The failure to reverse unemployment trends with conventional interventions has already led Europe in recent years to consider the idea of a basic income.

Panelists include:

  • Niall Ferguson (senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, author and weekly columnist)
  • Joe Lonsdale (founding partner at 8VC)
  • Matt Krisiloff (helps lead the Basic Income research and YC Fellowship at Y Combinator)
  • Michael Faye (co-founder of GiveDirectly, co-founder and President of Segovia Technology)

Moderator of Panel:

  • Kim Mai-Cutler (technology journalist and columnist for TechCrunch, with her work focusing on the intersection of technology, culture and politics, featured in Bloomberg, VentureBeat, and The Wall Street Journal)

For more information, please contact Laura Dannerbeck at [email protected]
or call (415) 955-6110

About Lincoln Network
Lincoln Network, formerly known as Lincoln Labs, was born from the optimistic view that when technology and public policy meet, under the right conditions and with the right tools, both worlds win. Through hackathons, meetups and online engagement, we provide opportunities for the entrepreneurial community to come together and both collaborate on and learn about market-based, tech-powered solutions to our nation’s biggest problems.

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